Sunday, 2 May 2010

mortgage calculator

some mortgage calculator can predict both your mortgage payment and amortization schedule quick and accurate with some of information. You won't have to figure out a bunch of math equations and operation.
To use this type calculator u'll need following information what can make it's work
  1. Mortgage Amount
  2. Interest Rate
  3. Mortgage Term
  4. Mortgage Start Date

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Eligibility For the Citimortgage Loan Modification Program

The stimulus package which has been signed by US President Barrack Obama has led several banks to participate in the program. One of these approved participants is the Citimortgage loan modification program. This is among the highly trusted companies which you should deal with if you are applying for the loan modification. The reason behind this advice is due to the fact that this company is a division of Citigroup. This sector focuses mainly on mortgage loans and because of that, they have been able to help thousands of families alter their loans. If you are interested in getting a loan modification from the company, here are some things which you must know.

Your financial documents must be prepared beforehand as well as a pre-calculation of your debt ratio. This is so that the lender will favor you for personally supplying what they need from you. In order to get an approval, it is important for you to know what Citimortgage is searching for in the financial documents and the debt ratio. This must be done before your Hardship Packet is submitted.

Relatively, it is important to have a hardship letter which can melt the toughest hearts. This is because this letter is a crucial part in determining the approval or decline of your application. As such, this is usually the very first document which the Loss Mitigator of Citimortgage will see upon reviewing your file. So that your application will be approved, you must have a moving and compelling story. When writing the letter, you have to put yourself in the readers' shoes so that you will know how they will react upon reading the letter. Make sure that your letter stands out from the rest.

If you feel that you can be accepted to the Citimortgage loan modification program, you must act now. This is because the company is very eager to help individuals with their mortgage problems.
by:walter sigmore